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Our Services


We have extensive experience in many disciplines and specialisations within our team, associates and professional networks. Much of our recent activity, particularly around values, ethics and change programmes, combines the foundations of experience with creativity and innovation in deployment and application.  This accumulated experience is relevant to many challenges and we are happy to consider potential engagements which align with our philosophy and vision.

Embrace has experience in gender and disability equality, technical standards, change management, information governance, business process analysis, performance indicators, operational metrics and business analytics. We also have extensive experience in the full range of programme delivery including programme and project management, solution design and operation, and training.


While values and ethics-based programmes may be seen as aspirational, we are committed to an outcome-focused, evidence-based approach to change, something which Standards can provide.
Standards represent the formal expression of required outcomes, the initial destination point for change, and the platform for future development.  

The principles and potential of values and ethics can be taught but we believe they need to be reinforced through application and continuously refreshed by the organisation.  

The discipline and direction set by a standard-focused programme provides the framework for effective change. Successful implementation and ongoing operation of a standard demands accurate measurement and objective analysis of performance, and transparent assessment. For this effort to achieve accreditation requires the engagement of all stakeholders and the commitment of every participant in a postive organistional culture fostered, nurtured and directed by effective  leadership.

These are attributes at the heart of successful organistions.

Standards are embedded in our approach to change management, whether international, national, sectoral or organisation level.  The essence of a standard is the definition, verification and validation of actions, outcomes, and performance with  accreditatiom the recognition and reward for success.  

There is an alignment between implementing  standards and a values-based ethical culture which is reflected in our work.


Our approach to change management and delivery draws on our extensive experience in diverse environments.

We have devised an integrated and dynamic process for distilling values and standards into relevant processes with meaningful outcomes that implement valuable change. The enhanced processes provide the integrated metrics which evidence the progress and benefits being accrued.
This model builds confidence that progress is being made, inspires the participants to maintain their effort through the 'pain' that change can bring.

Recognisiton and reward at both individual and organisational level is central to our approach.