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Our Vision

The Embrace Team formed in 2012 to explore the potential for values and ethics to become a driver for positive change. 

We have developed that vision into a structured approach, combining advocacy and education with the application of a practical methodology which incorporates best practice processes and objective measurement.

Our vision is to apply this methodology, with values, ethics and integrity at its heart, to support organisations in all sectors to become ethical and values led improving the lives of citizens and contributing to a fairer, more equal, and less corrupt society.

Our Experience 

Our team and associated networks have accumulated many years' experience across civil society, the business sector and public service in Europe and Africa.  We have brought together diverse disciplines to ensure that our approach is practical and focused on achieving tangible outcomes and delivering measurable results. 

Our Approach: 
explaining, showing, doing.

The Embrace approach is designed to encourage and deliver sustainable, values-led change. 

We engage with stakeholders in all sectors of society to establish a shared understanding of ethics and values, employing meaningful examples of how ethics and values can have a positive impact on communities, organisations and citizens.

Crucially, our approach provides the guidance and the tools to put values and ethics to work and realise the potential benefits.   
Our approach can be applied at all levels and in diverse contexts from organisational change to national cohesion and positive long-term transformation.